We are pleased to announce

European Colloquium

on Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms

to be held in Kraków on 21-23 September 2022



An in-depth understanding of reaction mechanisms is fundamental not only for the rational design of synthesis of wide variety of compounds and  materials but also for the advanced planning of complex functional systems of chemical, biomedical  and environmental relevance. New therapeutic strategies and drug delivery systems, efficient industrial synthetic processes, or photocatalytic systems for the clean-up of environmental pollution or green energy production are not a random result, but are the consequence of carefully planned efforts focused on the recognition of relevant processes, their determinants, and rates.

We believe that our conference will be a platform for gathering diverse approaches to solve mechanistic problems. It is aimed at presenting catalytic and non-catalytic reaction mechanisms in  solution, but also those  taking place at interfaces in the heterogeneous systems of chemical, biomedical and environmental interest.